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Aliens Exist | 100% Disclosure On TV | No One Can Hide It

Do Aliens Exist?

This is a very tough question to answer definitively, and for many people has both frightening and amazing implications if the answer turns out to be yes.

Most of us with half a brain have asked ourselves this strange question once or twice, and even people who laugh at the subject socially probably wonder about it in their private thoughts.
Do you believe they exist? It is a question which will lead your mind down some very interesting, and sometimes frightening paths.
You can use the buttons on the right and the tabs above to investigate the Mystery for yourself, but be warned - it is easier to start looking into than it is to stop . . .
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I first became intrigued by this subject years ago when myself and two friends were walking home one cold clear winter night.
As a local hill came into view one of us said something like Check how bright the moon is tonight as there was a glowing light shinning up from behind the hill, illuminating the underside of some low clouds.
Moon Light
One of my friends said thats not the moon, the moons over there . . .  no one spoke for about 5 seconds as we were all thinking what is it then ! ?
And we became even more glued to the spot when the pointed corner of a bright triangular object began to emerge slowly from behind the hill, revealing itself as the source of the eerie glow our eyes were fixed on.
Once about half of the object had emerged it produced a bright white flash that cannot of lasted longer than one fifth of a second, I’ve never been able to work out if it flashed and disappeared or the flash was it accelerating away at high speed.
But of course the three of us were high as kites talking non stop about it for the next hour or so, none of us wanting to walk home because we would have to separate in the dark!
Our sighting wasn’t such a big deal by today’s standards of giant swirling vortexes in the sky above Sydney being posted on YouTube or daylight camera footage of large UFOs wobbling over mexico city, but to our 14 year old brains back in 1996 it was amazing and had a major enough impact to kick-start a life long interest in the subject.

So what does mainstream science have to say about the do aliens exist question? oddly enough The Drake Equation is widely accepted in the scientific community while the idea that extra-terrestrials have already visited earth gets laughed out of court.
For those of you who don’t know The Drake Equation was invented in 1961 by Doctor Frank Drake as a way to logically and mathematically work out the number of planets which could harbor intelligent life.
The mere fact that We exist raises the probability of intelligent life developing elsewhere above zero, when you add the fact that there are more stars in the sky than we can possibly count (think about that) and that many of these stars are much like our own sun, with their own planets and moons orbiting at various distances, the possibility of life and intelligent life becomes certain.
Even our own Milky Way Galaxy has no fewer than 100 billion suns! Can you imagine 100 billion suns? it’s difficult to do, imagine all the orbiting planets, moons and possibilities . . . feel small? me to.
do aliens exist
Warning! If Head Hurts Stop Imagining Actual Size!
So Doctor Frank Drake was working at the National Radio Astronomy observatory in West Virginia and he and his colleagues became absorbed with the question do intelligent aliens exist?
They proceeded to aim a radio telescope at 2 nearby stars to see if they could pick up any intelligent transmissions, they did pick up some noise which was latter ruled out as being military radar (but was it?).
A year later Doctor Drake was asked by the U.S. National Academy Of Sciences to host a meeting of scientists to explore the possibility of intelligent civilizations beyond our small Earth.
While preparing for this meeting of minds he wrote down all the questions they would need to answer in order to predict the number of civilizations in the Galaxy, he then realized that if all these questions were multiplied together you would have the estimate for the number of civilizations, and this was the birth of The Drake Equation.
Doctor Frank Drake’s present day solution to The Drake Equation lists 10 thousand possible intelligent civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy alone, so why does mainstream science have such mocking viewpoint on the idea that some UFOs are under Intelligent alien control?
One of they’re favourite arguments states that these intelligent beings could not travel the great distances to reach us . . why not? because we can’t yet?, besides, what if they have always been here?
Thankfully though the whole subject of ufo discloser and alien races interacting with people both past and present is fast becoming much less of a joke subject for most of us.
This is largely due to highly credible ex-government workers coming forward to testify about their amazing experiences, and also to the hard work of excellent investigators like Jim Marrs, Jenny Randles, David Icke, Stanton Friedman, Art Bell and Dr Stephen Greer to name but a few.
So if you are new to the subject and even a little skeptical I wish you all the best on your journey of discovery, and I’m envious of the interesting information you are about to uncover for the first time, as you attempt to answer the questions Do Aliens Exist?” andare aliens real?.
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