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Millions of Unknown Creatures From the Sea

The south shore of Oahu is being invaded by something strange from sea, that even has sand crabs running for cover.
"It's the first time I've seen this, I've never seen it before," says beach goer Bruce Kuwana.
"It's really weird, it looks like you want to eat it like a little berry," says beach goer Sonya Lake.
"There are probably millions I'd say," says beach goer Scott Paddock.
If you look closely the entire shoreline is dotted with tiny, purple creatures all curled up.
"Looks like it has about it 6 legs on each side," says Lake. "Yeah it's like an avatar crab."
"When something washes up like this you don't know what to expect, maybe Tsunami stuff," says Kuwana.
It's something many have never seen before. And no one we found knew what they were.
"I definitely want to know where they came from and what they are all about," says Paddock.
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