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US Military Has Worked With Aliens | Confirmed | 2013

Hard to believe but Charles Hall, a Nuclear Physicist, and ex-military American weather specialist during an interview on Yahoo!7 TV Channel, made an amazing claim that he had worked with alien beings in a US military base in 1960!

He claims that the United States military has been in contact with alien species for years. They were principally involved in technology transfers with the US military, and tall whites would dress like humans.

Mariana Flynn, the president of UFO Research Centre NSW, believed Mr Hall had indeed encountered aliens. ''The topic is a red rag to a bull to some people, particularly those in authority,'' she said.

Here's the video. Take it for what its worth! But the moot question is: What if aliens are real? Would it change the face of humanity forever if the governments disclose that aliens are real and that they've been interacting with them for years? Will religion be a thing of the past? Will the stock markets crash? Will there be worldwide panic? Will there be free energy with advanced alien technology that will change the energy paradigms forever? Would the oil cartels allow this to happen? Is this why the governments are keeping alien contact a secret? You be the judge...
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