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UFO Sightings | Cotulla, TX | Breaking News | Disclosure

Cotulla, Texas is the latest ground zero for UFO sightings and residents are seriously spooked. Numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects have been reported in the last week, and several have been caught on video and surveillance cameras.

According to a report by local TV station KENS5, uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 27, the activity is enough for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) to send an investigator who has ruled out most of the sightings as anything out of this world. But one picture has yet to be definitively discounted.
In the photo, taken by a surveillance camera set up in an oil field troubled by looting, a classic flying saucer shape is clearly seen. The object appears to have landed in the field and lights seem to be encircling the hull.
MUFON investigator John Cross appears on camera for an interview, explaining that at least one video is of a landing aircraft filmed at an odd angle. His training leads him to believe that the saucer object on the security footage may be a time-lapse photo of a vehicle passing by, with a blinking turn signal causing the light effect on the UFO.
No matter what official explanation may be given, the residents of Cotulla have been keeping an eye on the skies and attempting to document this rash of sightings with video and camera phones

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