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Extraterrestrial Civilization Makes a Real Contact!

A UFO event occurred in China on August 7 that will certainly not make the news in the West but is making news across that nation.
Residents across the country reported seeing a twinkling UFO at the same time: from Nanjing to Shanghai to Ganzhou. One Shanghai local took a panoramic photograph (see video below) and when developing the picture noticed what he thought was a photographic flaw only to then hear about the events elsewhere and realise that what he captured might be something of far more significance.
Alien Conatact SCIENTIST X

The consensus amongst scientists studying such phenomena is that this particular UFO is no physical craft but rather a holographic message sent by a distant civilization to let us know that ‘we are not alone’. It appears this month an ET civilization might have targeted China with a message of importance.
These holograms or messages from ETs are no secret to governments of major world powers. In 2010 we can be certain that aliens are communicating with us via these UFOs and reassuring us that, as mentioned above, our journey in this universe is not one we need travel alone.
As scientists at China’s Purple Mountain Observatory frantically decipher these messages we can be fairly certain that disclosure in China will be in most of our lifetimes. We can only hope that Western politicians note this developments and confess to the public the truth they so diligently suppress. 
Report by: Michael Cohen, Scientist X.
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